First we listen. Who knows your business like you do ? the products and processes, customers and competition, past history and future vision? Nobody. You?re the most significant person in the marketing mix ? with a ton of valuable ideas. So of course we listen to you. Just as we listen to your customers; watch your competitors; and calculate the trends in your markets. Only then do we begin to offer our own ideas. Bold ideas. And create powerful, memorable work that excites the senses ? touches the emotions ? and persuades customers that you are what you say you are. All communication is personal. Getting it right starts with listening. ? HOME ? Who we are. For more than a decade, the BMG name has become synonymous with quality, integrity and success in strategic marketing communications. BMG is a closely held corporation whose core team of marketing specialists has a vast range of experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas ? including regional telecommunications, healthcare, and the fields of disabilities and higher education. Our creative team has won national honors, but our greatest achievements have been the ongoing success of our clients. ?

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS ? Healthcare Advocacy Effective public health is a key to strong communities. But when state governments fail to establish adequate funding to cover the healthcare needs of their most vulnerable citizens, public service organizations must carry the torch. BMG is proud to have supported the political efforts of organizations that represent non-profit hospitals in their struggle to provide care for needy families without regard for their ability to pay. Click on the menu to the right to see examples. ? HEALTHCARE ADVOCACY ? Fundraising Raising private funds has become a critical function for non-profit organizations. In our experience, people give from their hearts, and then justify their gifts in their heads. There are a myriad of charities competing for the same donor dollars. Some are local centers; some are national and international research groups. How do you touch the hearts and minds of potential donors to choose your institution? Click on the menu to the right to see the award-winning programs that succeeded in raising significant amounts of private funds. ? FUNDRAISING ?

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