AWARDS ? What we do. BMG?s creative capability reaches beyond traditional advertising to corporate identity programs, the design of interactive media, and the strategic use of film and video production to enhance brand and to effectively target private donations. From establishing measurable marketing goals to developing the campaigns to achieve them, BMG is guided by a belief that close collaboration with clients is the real key to success ? by any measure. ? WHAT WE DO ? Case Studies Strategic integrated marketing is all about sending the right message at the right time and in the most appropriate media ? to customers whose business you rely on. From Print, TV, and Radio, to Billboards, Websites and CD-ROM presentations, BMG understands the potential for each medium to deliver a powerful and lasting message. Click on the menu to the right to see some of our most successful marketing campaigns. ? CASE STUDIES ? Albany Medical Center Another long-time client, Albany Medical Center has frequently called upon BMG to produce targeted image and product line campaigns that generate new revenue streams while promoting public awareness of health issues that affect people?s lives. ?BMG understands healthcare like no other agency I have ever dealt with. I go back to them time and again because they produce results.? CASEY NORTON Director of Marketing and Planning ?

CANCER ? Emergency Medicine The quality of the healthcare experience lies in the experience. For most people, having a superb ER in the community is comforting, yet something they hope never to need. Marketing emergency medicine, therefore, is a matter of creating sufficient awareness so that when or if emergencies arise, the choice for the community is clear. ? EMERGENCY MEDICINE ? Childbirth Services The joy of bringing babies into the world offers the healthcare marketer that rare opportunity to keep to the brighter side of medicine. But while entertaining the audience is key to differentiating your service from a competitor?s, addressing consumers? chief concerns about ?something going wrong? is an absolutely essential part of the message. See how BMG?s childbirth campaign captured significant market share on a limited budget. ?

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