There?s a breast cancer screening that Women?s Health is setting up for which an ad is required by Friday. And the VP of Development has turned to you for a branding initiative to support a four-year Capital Campaign. Your marching orders are, ?Figure out what you need, and then get it all done.? That?s when you bring on a marketing partner who understands the business of healthcare. We?ll help you to build brand and market share because we do it every day. Just like you do. BMG/Healthcare. We speak your language. ? BMG HEALTHCARE ? Product Line Advertising Hospital services are its products. And getting the word out is a matter of grabbing the market?s attention and holding it. BMG puts a human face on healthcare advertising in campaigns that create trust that your institution?s product lines are without equal. That?s what keeps revenue flowing and the hospital humming. Click on the menu to the right to see examples of our work in these specific areas. ? PRODUCT LINE ADVERTISING ? Cardiology Cardiology services begin with diagnosis. And creating awareness in the public of the symptoms of possible heart attack will drive business to the Emergency Department. From there, patients are triaged into one of three services: Cardiology; Gastroenterology; Psychiatry. It all starts with symptom awareness. ? CARDIOLOGY ? Cancer Cancer is perhaps the most terrifying disease of all. The good news, of course, is that most cancers can be treated with excellent outcomes ? especially if they are detected early. So from breast cancer to urologic cancer, your marketing must take advantage of the many opportunities for sensitively and compassionately educating your community about the need for early detection. At the same time, the right efforts will go a long way to creating life- long customers. ?

From print collateral, to film, video, website and CD ROM presentations, we?ll help in your effort to target referring physicians, ambulance services, civic organizations and others to enhance the perception that your institution?s

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