Corporate ID In an age of mergers and acquisitions, organizations frequently face the need to change their names, and thereby develop new corporate identities. Also, as new services come on line, it becomes necessary to establish separate product line identities beneath the familiar corporate umbrella. Or sometimes, old corporate identities simply require updating. It?s all about keeping the brand promise to remain current and relevant to consumers. Click on the menu to the right to see examples. ? CORPORATE ID ? Outdoor Advertising Consider the BMG Billboard: a few focused words ? an arresting image ? together an indelible impression to reinforce your campaign messages in print and the electronic media playing around town. Memorable, market-wise, motivating. What else is there? Click on the menu to the right to see examples. ? OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ? BMG Video Nothing creates emotion the way film and video can. More and more, our clients have been using video programs and TV commercials to tell their stories. A powerful and effective mix of compelling images, brilliantly crafted scripts and original music, the BMG Video?s programs and spots consistently drive business and build brand. Click on the menu to the right to see examples. ? BMG VIDEO ? Healthcare business spoken here. You?ve got a CEO who?s faced with a sea of red ink, and suddenly the marketing team?s getting pressure to help grow everybody?s bottom line. Cardiology wants a flyer promoting bypass surgery to referring docs. The vascular group needs something to pitch Cath labs and stroke awareness.

EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES ? Marketing Communications As a hospital?s Centers of Excellence evolve into indispensable centers of profit, marketing leaders are being charged with creating effective and powerful materials to brand them in the community.

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